About Us

Songzilla salutes IRIE style immigration innovation, mon.  This is the REAL water taxi.

What is Songzilla?

Songzilla is a dream haboured by a passionate group of musicians, entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and other ordinary people who are crazy about great music. We dream about finding this great music. And sharing it.

Songzilla is also the people dreaming this dream or an early stage company developing new technologies for online music search.

What is the Mission?

People hear a song or music they really like and -sometimes- something happens. There is a fusing, or maybe explosion of synapses. You get a buzz, and maybe wear a smile. The right song at the right moment has a dramatic effect on a day, and for a few minutes nothing else much matters. The rumor is that NASA scientists have proven the sun shines 17% brighter during such episodes and we can believe it.

These episodes are technically known as The Songzilla Effect.

We think it would be a good thing for more people to get this buzzing joy, or The Songzilla Effect, more often, and this is the basis of our mission. Songzilla is dedicated to connecting people with the music that moves them, through meta data search, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive algorithms. 

When a person is really moved by a song, little else matters.

Ask the guys at NASA. Better yet, take note of the songs they play on Florida radio stations when NASA is trying to launch the Space Shuttle in cloudy weather.

When can I get it?

Songzilla was launched with alpha functionality prior to the advent of iTunes. Online digital music has since made the world much more glorious, and the Songzilla code base is now back under wraps, being updated for a post-iTunes world.

The new Songzilla functionality is in development and testing right now. Like the best restaurants, no matter how many people are waiting, the wait is never longer than 20 minutes. We know you'll be delighted when you sit down to the joy we like to call ...

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